Medical Tourism or Medical Travel is traveling across international borders to obtain health care.

Throughout history, people have traveled for treatment or well-being. Today with emerging technologies, the development of transport facilities and globalization medical travel is a rising sector.

International healthcare accreditation which is the process of certifying a level of quality for healthcare providers and programs across multiple countries is a significant actor about raising the sector.

Treatment costs, long waiting times for appointment and treatment, lack of technology are the most common reasons to travel abroad for healthcare. Medical Travel assistant companies, embassies, governments, associations and health organizations them-selves are most important actors to provide services to patients.

The scope of services of international treatment and well-being varies according to the needs of the patients. Complex specialized surgeries such as organ transplantation, cardiac surgery, dental surgery, and cosmetic surgeries, also virtually every type of health care, including psychiatry, alternative treatments, well-being, thermal treatments are available.

  • Advanced treatment ( Cardiovascular Surgery, radiotherapy, cyberknife, etc. )
  • Transplantation
  • Infertility ( IVF applications )
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Eye

Big developments have done in Turkey in medicine since last 8 years. By some reforms, Quality and benefit of healthcare is increased in Turkey. Following this development of State Hospitals also effected and helped private institutions develop as well. Furthermore, the quality of 47 Health institutions have accredited by worldwide famous accredidation foundation JCI.By these developments in Turkey, Hospital chains have been founded and these hospitals started serving medical services more widely by opening more branch centers, medicine centers and more. Modern hospitals of Turkey are in the quality standart of Europe with their proffesional staff and experinces. Furthermore, best examples of developing technology such as Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System, Cyberknife, Gammaknife and more have been enabled to be used in Turkey.ot springs or kaplica. With temperatures ranging from 20ºC to 110ºC - and containing minerals such as calcium, sodium, sulphur, fluoride and magnesium - the waters from these springs have restorative effects and provide therapeutic benefits.

The Romans were well aware of these therapeutic powers, building the ancient city of Hierapolis close to the waters of Pamukkale which is now one of the country's most popular thermal resorts. A spa town since Roman times, Pamukkale literally means 'cotton castle' in Turkish and is one of Turkey's most impressive natural wonders boasting a series of white travertine terraces formed by the high mineral content of the natural spring water that runs down the cliff and collects in warm pools on the terraces. The white travertines are a protected site, but those who want to enjoy the thermal waters can do so in the nearby pool which is littered with fragments of ancient marble columns from the nearby ruins of Hierapolis.

There are also many other popular thermal spas dotted around the country: the Sultaniye hot springs in Dalyan where visitors can dip in 40ºC mud pools near Lake Koycegiz; Termal, a thermal resort with indoor pools in Yalova, just an hour from Istanbul by ferry boat; Cekirge mineral baths in Bursa; and the Balcova thermal resort, Cesme hot springs, and Sifne mud baths near Izmir. Many of the hotels in these regions also have their own spas which make use of the mineral water - whilst for something more unusual there's the Kangal Sivas Balikli Cermik in Central Anatolia, which contains lots of tiny fish that are said to help cure psoriasis.

3rd age tourism is a notion which targets the period after active work life. 3rd age tourism generally included people over the age of 50. 3rd age tourism usually based on medical treatments, wellness, spa, thermal therapies, physiotherapy.

In addition to these therapies and treatments, 3rd age tourism means entertainment and recreation for over the age 50. Turkey is a very popular destination for 3rd age tourism and geriatric treatments. Side, Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul, Antalya, Marmaris, Ankara, Kuşadası and Dalaman are the most preferred destinations of Turkey.

Researches show that trust and comfort in healthcare are more important for 3rd age tourism than for any other kinds of international patients. Turkey has 51 JCI-accredited hospitals, boasting a thriving network of more than 1200 public and private hospitals. Many of its 300 private facilities have developed working relationships with prestigious international medical centers. With these features Turkey becomes more and more preferred by 3rd age tourism patients.